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Technology Information And Tech Support

Quick Website Search Tip:
Instead of using any site's search function, use Google's "site" search feature. Try it by typing the following into Google's search field:
ThinkPad battery site:pcworld.com
You'll see everything on PC World's site related to ThinkPads and batteries.

Technology Information

Canadian Internet Registration Authority

Identifing Different Versions of Internet Explorer and Windows

Firewalls For Beginners tells beginners all that they need to know about firewalls.

What exactly is a computer virus? This document tells you what a computer virus is and what it does to your computer. Also has links to recommended Anti-virus software and online scanners.

What is a video card?

What is memory?

Micro-SD card info.

What is Spyware?

PestPatrol realized that the best way to stop spyware from spreading is to educate the public. The company has compiled a large database on spyware trends because it has been gathering information on malicious code for four years, since it first introduced its anti-spyware software to the market. At the site, visitors can find step-by-step instructions on how to protect themselves, including tips on how to use a hosts file to block ads, how to block pornography, and how to clear a hijacked page.

What are Cookies?

Tips for online shoppers: Improve your cyber security

Computer Tips

Windows Xp shutdown short cut

Keyboard Shortcuts

Cleaning Your PC's files

Want to Take Digital Pix? Read This First

Shooting Infrared With Your Digital Camera

RemoveWGA What is RemoveWGA?
RemoveWGA enables you to remove the Microsoft "Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications" tool, which is calling home and connect to Microsoft servers every time you boot (pilot version), or every two weeks (current release).

Sygate Online Services (SOS) scans your computer for leaks. Basically this site is a free firewall tester.
Trojan Scan will test various known trojan ports for the existence of a listening, active Trojan.
Stealth Scan uses various stealth methods to reach computers shielded by firewalls and Intrusion Detection systems.
Quick Scan performs a quick and accurate portscan of your computer.
ICMP Scan will scan your computer for ping replies and various other ICMP types. We will also test your class C subnet for vulnerability to Broadcast Ping (smurf) attacks.
Full TCP Scan tests all ports below 1024. We are currently working on a complete TCP scan which will scan all 65535 ports.
Full UDP Scan (coming soon) will scan for open UDP ports. These are seldom used for legitimate services, and are often used by trojans and denial of service (DOS) attacks.

Firewall Leak Tester The website, on one hand, enables you to test your software personal firewall thanks to different test programs ('leaktests'), and on the other hand, shows a global vulnerabilities view of the most common personal firewalls in a summary page. Firewall Leak Tester provides also documentation and advices to improve your security dramatically.

sysinfo.org list of system startup entries. Startup entries are registry entries that tell Windows which programs to start upon system startup.

AuditMyPc.com is a free online firewall tester.

Gibson Research Corp. is a website that has a LeakTest that lets you know what the risk is, of someone peeking into your computer's drive. If this test doesn't scare you nothing will. This site has a program available for free called Unplugandpray which is used to close port 5000.

PCPitStop has alot of free tests for testing your computer. This site can:
Automatically diagnose and repair common PC hardware and software configuration problems such as disabled disk DMA and excessive browser cache sizes.
Provide detailed system configuration information for technical support, including used/free disk space, system resources, and installed/disabled devices.
Customize web site editorial content based on PC hardware and software configuration; Windows XP users can be automatically directed to Windows XP tips, drivers, or support.
Customize shopping with detailed recommendations on just the upgrades and accessories that are compatible with the user's current system configuration.
Store a PC's initial configuration in a database to ensure the components and system are covered against future warranty claims.
Inventory a PC to establish its value for resale, trade-in, or auction sites such as eBay.
There are many other applications.

SpeedGuide.net focuses on system performance, with areas including Broadband Internet connections, Windows, Overclocking, all targeted towards a technically aware audience. A large section of SpeedGuide.net is dedicated to Cable Modems and DSL technology, stressing on improving TCP/IP performance over high speed/latency networks.

Stay Safe Online Sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance (a government/industry group), Stay Safe Online works to educate the public on the importance of protecting personal computers from online intruders. If you are trying to educate yourself on the issues of computer safety, or need to get this information distributed to staff and parents, this is a resource for you. The site also contains a self-guided cyber security test, educational materials, and links to other Internet security sources.

Dsl Reports.com has a whole series of tests in its Tools section that help you optimize your connecton. There are also helpful user forums and a section with user reviews on ISPs.

Version Ttracker.com provides a single consolidated resource for software and driver updates for Windows, Macs, and Palm users. You can download a software application that analyzes your system and notifies you when updates are available for your hardware and software.

Tom's Hardware Guide website is for you if you are thinking about building a system, or buying one from a clone-builder. The website will tell you which components you do and do not want.

PDAbuzz.com's website is devoted to PDAs. There you will find reviews of PDAs, software and accessories with ratings, useful tips and regular gadget-related news stories.

Practically Networked.com tells you in detail how to setup a network and also tells you what you need for hardware and software.

The Imaging Resource website includes a Getting Started section with how-to sections on subjects such as buying a digital camera and what resolution setting to use when scanning an image. The website has detailed comprehensive product reviews, covering digital cameras, scanners and more. The digital camera section has a "Comparometer" so that you can view images from competing cameras side-by-side.

Eeggs.com The term "Easter Egg", as used here, means any amusing tidbit that creators hid in their creations. They could be in computer software, movies, music, art, books, or even your watch. There are thousands of them, and they can be quite entertaining, if you know where to look. A couple of our favorites are the "Spy Hunter"-like game in Microsoft Excel 2000 and the "Wacky Search Menu" in Internet Explorer 5. This site will help you discover Easter Eggs in the things you see and use everyday, and let you share Easter Eggs you discover with the rest of the world.

Filext.com Everyone knows that .jpg files are JPEG images, but did you know that a .jms file is a Voxtron TeleButler Graphical Voice Response Call Flow file? Of course not. That's just one of the arcane file extensions this site defines for you.

Netcraft.com Type a URL into Netcraft's home page form and find the site's operating system, its type of server, its netblock owner, and how long it has run without a crash.

Videohelp DVD Hacks This site has the special codes you need so that you can play other regional codes. Most DVDs today are programmed to work only in players from the same country, so those movies you picked up in another country aren't likely to play at home but you can disable the regional restriction on your DVD player by entering a special code on the remote.

Free Online Tech Support

PC Hell.com

Videohelp.com This site will help you to make your own VideoCDs, SVCDs or DVDs that can be played on your standalone DVD Player from video sources like DVD, Video, TV, DV, Cam or downloaded movie clips like DivX, MOV, RM, WMV and ASF. They also have extensive lists of Capture Cards, DVD Media, DVD Writers and desktop DVD Players with features, compatibility information and user comments.

PC Mechanic offers free tech support on computers and the internet. This site also has complete information from "How to build a computer" to what each component does.

Drivers HeadQuarters is a good place to track down lost or updated device drivers.

www.utilitygeek.com visit this site to locate other free and shareware utilities for maintaining and diagnosing your PC.

Sysopt.com has overclocking information.

ModemHelp.com provides tech support for modem users.

Computer Training 2000 Need a helping hand in figuring out how to use Windows programs? This site offers free online computer training tutorials, tips and support for popular Microsoft programs, such as Word, PowerPoint, Explorer and Windows itself.

Help-Site.com has manuals and FAQ on everything to do with computers including operating systems.


USB.org offers tech support and information on USB's.

WinDrivers.com has a large archive of windows drivers for hardware and if you don't know what the make or model of your hardware it has large collection of pictures of hardware.

LiveManuals has manufacturer product guides (manuals) with diagrams for a bevy of goods--from coffeemakers to videoconferencing equipment--as well as warranty and support information. You'll need to download the LivePlayer plug-in to view the manuals. You view the manuals in your browser, and can print out the pages you need. If you can't figure out how to operate the product after reading the manual, you can view a tutorial with audio. You won't find PCs here, but there are manuals for digital cameras, printers, and fax machines. And you can also open a product portfolio that lets you store a list of products you own to help you track when your warranties are due to expire. (You have to supply your address, too, so let's hope that the database is well-protected against hackers.)

PhotographyTips.com is a good site for beginning shooters, with lots of information on composing a picture and working with light, as well as helpful analyses of pictures that went wrong--useful for both film and digital photographers.

Photo.net caters to both hobbyists and pros, with message forums, pithy product and book reviews, and gorgeous photographic travelogues.

Megapixel.net is for digital camera enthusiasts, this Canadian site, is one of the finest resources around, with tons of tips and techniques, amazing images, helpful camera reviews, and excellent photo submissions from readers.

Here are links to some good free Anti-virus software

AntiVir® Personal Edition for Windows

AVG Anti-Virus Software

Here are links to good pay for Anti-virus software

Norton's Anti-virus software

McAfee's Anti-virus software

AVG Anti-Virus Software

Here are links to good online Anti-virus scanners

Trend Micro HouseCall

Kaspersky Online Scanner

How to get Logitech LX8 Mouse to work in Windows 7 64bit (instructions might work for 32bit and other Windows operating systems).
Install the driver software from Logitech's website then after installation go to C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPointP\ConnectUtility.exe and run (double click) ConnectUtility.exe