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Knitting & Crocheting

Knitting & Crocheting Patterns has links to websites with knitting and crocheting stuff.


AllCrafts is a good place to find a wide variety of crafts from traditional to unusual. It is not a pretty site such as you might find at Michaels Kids Club or i-Craft. It is a massive list of links organized by craft type. You have to scroll past the recommended books and materials before you finally get to the crafts.

PhotographyTips.com is a good site for beginning shooters, with lots of information on composing a picture and working with light, as well as helpful analyses of pictures that went wrong--useful for both film and digital photographers.

Photo.net caters to both hobbyists and pros, with message forums, pithy product and book reviews, and gorgeous photographic travelogues.

Megapixel.net is for digital camera enthusiasts, this Canadian site, is one of the finest resources around, with tons of tips and techniques, amazing images, helpful camera reviews, and excellent photo submissions from readers.

Remote Controlled

Udisco Ltd. is Canada's largest hobby wholesaler who has been supplying Canada's hobby market for over 50 years. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Udisco sells everything from plastic models, electric trains, remote control planes, boats, cars, and helicopters, to premium balsa wood, figurines, puzzles, die cast, and more! Udisco also stocks a wide assortment of accessories, including paint, brushes, tools, and coverings. Inventory includes both new and hard-to-find items, all at wholesale price. They carry lines from over 600 international manufacturers, and represent companies such as Hirobo and Heljan exclusively in Canada. They also stock a wide variety of parts and fittings, and maintain an inventory of spare parts for almost everything we sell. If a part you're looking for is not in stock, or is no longer available from the manufacturer, their expert machinists may be able to custom produce the part if necessary in their machine shop.

Fly RC Magazine Fly RC, built by modelers for modelers, presents the latest radio control products, technology and techniques. With articles for newcomers and experienced modelers alike, Fly RC covers indoor micro airplanes, park and schoolyard electric flyers, sport glow aircraft, giant scale gas and exotic "project" airplanes, and that's just for starters. You'll find the latest on new lithium batteries and brushless power systems here. First with dramatic all-digital photos, Fly RC offers more product reviews than any other RC publication and a free pullout plan every other issue. Compare Fly RC, it's the best!

Toybuilders.com will let you submit online 3-D drawings (in the form of a CAD file) of what you want, and then the company will create the real thing for you. By employing computerized desktop manufacturing systems originally created for car designers to make models of prototypes, ToyBuilders can make just about any toy you can think of, in materials ranging from plastic to laminated paper to metal.

Ideal Hobbies is located in Barrie and they sell everything related to models, R/C aircraft, helicopters, vehicles, boats, they also sell trains, etc.. They sell online, mail order and store front.

Mattel is the maker of barbie dolls and more. They also have an online store.

Mattel Interactive sells computer software made by Mattel.

MAAC (Model Aeronautics Association of Canada) is the official governing body for model aviation in Canada. They have links to most clubs in Canada.

RCCanada is the largest dedicated RC site in Canada.

RC Airplane World - a complete Guide to getting started in radio control flying. Also has info on Ontario RC airplane clubs and flying fields.

Sudbury RC Crawlers

Sudbury Model Aircraft Club


Fly Rockets! site was developed to introduce you to all aspects of rockets and rocketry. At this website you'll find easy to understand information for the beginner, information on local clubs and national organizations, a vast array of rocketry vendors, and links to other great rocketry web sites. Come join an inspiring, educational, family hobby with an un-paralleled safety record. We're looking for people just like you!

Canadian Association of Rocketry

Recrystallized Rocketry is James Yawn's rocketry website and he specializes in using sugar as part of the propelant.

ATHA Aerospace, formerly known as Team O Canada, exists for two reasons. One is to increase the awareness and profile of the sport rocketry hobby by pushing the boundaries that started with the Team O Canada Dauphin Project and continues with our efforts to set new benchmarks in amateur rocket performance. The other is to provide low-cost launch services for scientific or educational payloads up to 100,000ft.

International Experimental Aerospace Society (IEAS) is an education and research society of rocketry and space technology experimenters from around the world. Our aims are to support the amateur rocktetry experimentalist by sharing technical and safety information, provide facilities, aquire funding and work to have an reasonable regulatory environment. We have an active outreach program to educate the general public about rocketry and space exploration.

Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) is the official sponsor of the Rocket Challenge special you just saw on The Discovery Channel. Although we launch rockets of all sizes and in all power ranges, TRA appeals to the serious rocketeer. Most of our members are adults but many of them bring their children to join in on the fun. Plus we have a junior member program for those less than 18 years of age. Tripoli is the only organization today that embraces all forms of rocketry: Model Rocketry (for younger rocketeers and their parents) High Power Rocketry (larger rockets for the serious modeler, age 18 and older) Experimental Rocketry (for those "rocket scientists" who desire to expand his/her knowledge base) As your involvement in this fascinating hobby broadens, you can learn in a safe, fun, and helpful environment. Tripoli has a program where you can even develop and fly your own rocket motors! To learn more about the premier rocketry organization that caught the attention of The Discovery Channel, and join the hundreds of thousands of people who have discovered and participate in this wonderful hobby, we welcome you to explore our website at www.tripoli.org. You'll find that as a member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association...

Estes Rockets