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CarFax - Canadian Vehicle Information
CarProof - Canadian Vehicle Information
Your Auto and Home Claims History Reports from CGI A Consumer AutoPlus Report provides an individual's automobile policy and claims history as reported by the Canadian Property and Casualty (P&C) industry. You can also get your home policy and claims history report here too.
Collision Reporting Centres
The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council enforces the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA)
Auto Trader
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
Health Canada's major findings from the Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey.
MADD Canada
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) (USA) Distraction.gov
Blood alcohol content
Automobile Safety Don't Drink and Drive!

Other Types Of Transportation

Dimension Edge Bicycle Engines

Automobile Museums

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum seeks to pay tribute to the people who built and loved these wonderful vehicles, some of which achieved lasting fame, others sinking into obscurity. It hopes to bring this brief, colorful flowering of talent and ingenuity to the attention of a new generation of automobile enthusiasts.

Autotron Rosmalen is located in Rosmalen, NL (Netherlands).

Jysk Automobilmuseum is located in Gjern, DK (Denmark).

Canadian Automotive Museum is in Oshawa, ON Canada.

Automobile Parts & Supplies

Jiffy Lube
Canadian Tire
Just Lubes
Larry’s Service Centre also specializes in trailer hitches.
Benson Autoparts
First Call Auto Supply (Ottawa, Ontario - sells small parts/ex. headlight bulbs - I have bought headlights here)
The Wrench Monkey (Canada)
Rock Auto (USA)
Auto Trader
CARFAX - Canadian Vehicle Information / Used Vehicle Reports
CarProof - Canadian Vehicle Information / Used Vehicle Reports
The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council enforces the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA) Auto Zone
Genuine Parts
Pep Boys
Midget Motors sells parts and kits for the King Midget car which was originally built between 1946 - 1970.

Automobile Magazines

Truck News is Canada's leading news source for trucking companies, truck drivers, and owner/operators. It also includes listings for trucking jobs and used trucks.

RoadKing is a trucking magazine owned by TA Travel Centers. This magazine has lots of articles and information for truckers.

eTruckers.com a website and magazine for truckers and their families.

Carguide is a car magazine.

Autozone is a car magazine.

ecoEnergy is a car magazine.

Automobile Rentals

Alamo.com (USA)
A-One Rent A Car (USA)
Budget Rent A Car (USA & Canada)
Discount Car Rentals (USA & Canada)
Dhana Car Rental (USA)
Dollar Rent A Car (USA & Canada)
Eagle-Rent-A-Car (USA)
Enterprise Rent A Car (USA & Canada)
Exotic Car Rentals (USA)
Hertz Rent A Car (USA & Canada)
National Car Rental (USA & Canada)
Payless Car Rental (USA)
Rent A Wreck Of America
Thrifty Rent-A-Car
Car Sharing Network is a revolution in personal transportation - mobility for the 21st century.


Automobile Manufacturers

Chrysler Canada
Mazda Canada
Nissan Canada
General Motors
Hyundai Canada
Sudbury Hyundai
Volvo Canada
Alfa Romeo
Mercedes Benz

Faurecia designs and manufactures six major automotive components (seats, cockpits, door panels, acoustics, front-ends and exhaust systems).


Country Coach
Four Winds
Gulf Stream Coach
Mandalay Luxury Division
Tiffin Motor Homes
Teardrops n Tiny Travel Trailers Forum - has info on teardrop shape travel trailers and how to build them.


whats your engine oil telling you
Bob Is The Oil Guy Forum the internet's number one Motor Oil website.
How To Properly Use Dielectric Grease On Spark Plug Wires - YouTube video
Five Most Common Brake Problems


Toyota Prius and Prius Prime (all generations)
Hyundai Ioniq (Hybrid, Electric Plus aka PHEV, and Electric)
Hyundai Ioniq another but quieter Hyundai Ioniq forum
Kia Niro Hybrid
My Outlander PHEV forum
Chevy Volt PHEV forum
cleanmpg.com is a forum on improving fuel economy with your current vehicle and also has sub forums on different vehicles.
HyundaiOnline Repair Manuals (all years)
Bob Is The Oil Guy Forum the internet's number one Motor Oil website.
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and PHEV forum
2017+ Chrysler Pacifica PHEV Forums
Edsel.com is the website for fans, owners, and for people curious about Edsel Fords (it has a push button transmission). The website has links to parts suppliers, clubs, related websites, and more. This website also has a photo gallery.
The Edsel...Smith Motor Company website is a mock dealership presenting Ford's failure of the fifties. This website is as informative as it is amusing.
Amc Pacer is the website for fans and for people curious about one of the quirkiest American cars ever made last century.
King Midget Car Club This site is for King Midget Car fans and owners.
Ford Pinto.com is the website for fans, owners, and for people curious about Ford Pintos/Mercury Bobcats. The website has links to parts suppliers, clubs, related websites, and more. This website also has a photo gallery.
Dodge Grand Caravan Forum
Chrysler Town & Country Forum
Neons.org Home of the Neon Enthusiast.
Ram Promaster


CarProof - Canadian Vehicle Information
Safe Car Buying Guide Car buying tips combined with detailed safety information and crash-test results help to ensure your next vehicle is a safe one.
Ontario Electric Vehicle Rebates has info on Electric and PHEV vehicle rebates in the province of Ontario, Canada. There is a link on that page to info on Green Plates.
Fuelly has more accurate vehicle fuel mileage because it's based on the fuel mileage reported by its users.
Is MPGe Useless? this page has the formula for calculating MPGe and for understanding the difference between MPG and MPGe. The way MPGe was born was that 1 Gallon of fuel is capable of providing 114,000BTU of heat energy and 1kW has 3,413BTU so as far as MPGe is concerned 1 Gallon of gasoline is 114,000BTU / 3,413BTU = 33.4kW. So, Electric vehicles that are rated in MPGe are using a conversion based on the amount of kWh it takes to drive 100miles into a BTU value. IE: Our Pachy opperates at 40kWh/100mi. How do we know? 40kwh / 13.5kW = 3 charges at 33mi range per charge is 40kW/100mi. The MPGe rating is created by 3370/40 = 84.25MPGe. Also you can take a vehicle your looking to compare with our Pachy, say the Nissan Leaf which has a 112MPGe rating and the formula works to calculate back the same way: 3370/112 = 29.8kwh/100mi. This is proven because the Leaf has a 30kWh battery it gets just over 100mi range.
Car Manuals Online has most car manuals online for the past few years of manufacture.
Vehicles from the 50s, 60s, 70s
Electric Charging and Alternative Fuelling Stations Locator - also has the link for the USA charging stations.

Interesting Information

Sugar won't screw up or clog your gas tank (see Mythbuster episode on this for proof).
Bleach added to gas tank will only cause the tank and possibly the engine to corrode very fast (see Mythbuster episode on this for proof).
Bleach added to oil will cause the engine to seize/destroy itself within minutes (see Mythbuster episode on this for proof).
If you have a hole (5mm or less in diameter)in your radiator and all you have are raw eggs, break open an egg and pour it into the radiatior and the egg will stop the radiator from leaking (for how long? no idea) (see Mythbuster episode on this for proof).