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This Page Has Links To Educational Websites

Georgian College

Deep River and Ex-Deep River and Area Residents Directory

Oakville Skid Control School

Enform is the safety association for Canada's upstream oil and gas industry. For almost 60 years, Enform has been proud to work with industry to build a safe, well-trained workforce. They provide the H2S course all around Canada. The H2S course is recommended even for those who don't work in Alberta. They also have a Bear Awareness course.

United States Fire Administration (USFA) Kid's Place The United States Fire Administration (USFA) created this site for the purpose of keeping children and their families safe from fire. This site includes activities such as an interactive game, puzzles and coloring pages. This site also includes a link to the site for Fire Prevention Week.

The MIT OpenCourseWare project launched with a preliminary pilot that just scratches the surface of MIT's publishing ambitions. People with an Internet connection and a Web browser have been able to access the syllabus, lecture notes, exams and answers, and in some cases, even the videotaped lectures of 32 MIT courses.
So far, more than 130,000 Web visitors from around the world have plugged into the pilot, tapping into a vein of information for which MIT undergraduates pay $26,960 per year for tuition.
"This material is out there for the good of mankind,". "There is no attempt to charge for this. There is no revenue model."
By the 2006-2007 school year, MIT plans to publish the course materials for virtually all of its 2,000 graduate and undergraduate courses.
The move to put the materials online stems from a multiyear effort by the MIT faculty to forge a unified approach to online access to its classes. The faculty's efforts picked up pace while two related Internet phenomena--distance learning and open-source software--were gathering steam.
MIT embraced a comparison to the open-source model, in which the source code for both grass-roots and corporate software titles is published, developed and licensed free of charge.
"We are fighting the commercialization of knowledge, much in the same way that open-source people are fighting the commercialization of software," .
No free degree
MIT has stopped short of offering its degrees with a similarly free pricing scheme. The university insists that its online course materials--even when the full 2000 courses' worth are published--are not meant to be a substitute for an MIT education, much less an MIT degree. No course credits are available online.

Free-Ed.Net has free online courses, tutorials, study guides and lessons in 120 academic and vocational/technical topic areas.***

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) provides national leadership, evidence-informed analysis and advice on substance abuse issues to mobilize collaborative efforts to reduce alcohol and other drug related harm in Canada.

Health Canada's major findings from the Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) (USA)

MADD USA (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) (USA).

Distraction.gov (USA). Distraction.gov is your resource for learning more about distracted driving. Get the facts, get involved, and help us keep America's roadways safe.

Blood alcohol content (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). This page also lists the limits for most countries.

Automobile Safety Don't Drink and Drive!

College Drinking: Changing the Culture has sections for parents, high school counselors, and students give the latest statistics and information about drinking and youth. For students, the materials are often interactive and show how alcohol affects different parts of the body, alcohol myths, and how much alcohol is costing you, in calories and in dollars. You can also enter information into online software that lets you look at how drinking behavior affects your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content).

Froguts.com is the first true virtual online frog dissection, so virtual it can gross you out. So, you're missing the smell of formaldehyde, but this site was created from recycled classroom frogs. The intent is to get to the heart of the anatomy, so to speak. This gets 5 stars for its slime factor and the use of different tools for the virtual dissection.

Musictheory.net is an interactive website with music theory tutorials for students and teachers. Lesson topics include: staff, clef, and ledger lines; note duration; measure and time signatures; rest duration; dots and ties; simple and compound meter; odd meter; steps and accidentals and more. A chord calculator, staff paper generator, and matrix generator are available for online use. You can download the stand-alone version of the trainers and utilities. There is also a forum for sharing information and asking questions. Flash intensive.

Interesting Things for ESL Students This web site is for an excellent resource for people studying English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL). It contains many activities including quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, and anagrams. Even though the primary focus is for ESL, native English speakers may also find some interesting things on this site. This site is very easy to navigate and easy to read.

The Butterfly Farm This site, selected by the SciLinks Program sponsored by the National Science Teachers Association, is a wonderful resource for learning about butterflies. It contains a photo gallery and a student resource guide containing units such as butterfly physiology, pupa stage and the difference between moths and butterflies. The site can be used in English or in Spanish.

100words.net For writers, the challenge is to write every day. See some examples from participants who wrote 100 words (exactly) every day for a month. Some are poems; some are stories. The content is suitable for mature students of writing.

San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site Visit this website for a refresher course on The Instruments of the Orchestra and or an introduction to reading music in Meet the Notes.

Practical Money Skills for Life Created by the folks at Visa, this website checks out as a good learning center for all ages. Lessons (look under For Teachers) include Spending Plans (for younger children) up to Living on your Own (for college age students). One of the better sections, for students, is entitled In Trouble and lists the major reasons for financial troubles and some of the warning signs.

Stay Safe Online Sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance (a government/industry group), Stay Safe Online works to educate the public on the importance of protecting personal computers from online intruders. If you are trying to educate yourself on the issues of computer safety, or need to get this information distributed to staff and parents, this is a resource for you. The site also contains a self-guided cyber security test, educational materials, and links to other Internet security sources.

State Web Games This site contains web games that are a wonderful way to learn about the USA's fifty states. You can learn state capitals, abbreviations, and locations. The games provide clues that include over 500 important and engaging facts.

Adventure Learning Foundation This site takes students and teachers on real and virtual expeditions around the world. Through a collection of original pictures and journal excerpts, visitors can accompany travelers exploring the natural environment, culture, and peoples of different continents. Past expeditions include Alaska and Yukon, Baja California, American Southwest, and Southern Africa. Each expedition is accompanied by a mixture of information, links, and classroom activities.

free-ed.net has free online courses.

Lightspan.com lets you get to the right resources that you need with Learning Search database with more than 115,000 educator-reviewed Websites, its a powerful search engine that will save you time and energy. It finds the best educational materials on the Internet for your child's grade level.

Fonetiks Are you learning a new language and hope to someday sound like a native speaker? Use Fonetiks.org to help with pronunciation. Spanish, French (and French Canadian), German (and Swiss German), Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese (Romanji), Indonesian, and Thai language pronunciations are listed. For English learners, American, British, Australian, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh accents are available.

Kaptest.com helps kids prepare for SAT tests.

Test.com helps kids prepare for SAT tests.

Collegeboard.com offers personalized feedback on practice essays from expert readers.

Yahoo! Education is a comprehensive resource for Education content and tools including: online reference books, college and grad school preparation materials, student resources, and distance learning opportunities.

Association of Canadian Community Colleges - The Association of Canadian Community Colleges is the national, voluntary membership organization created in 1972 to represent colleges and institutes to government, business and industry, both in Canada and internationally.

AUCC Directory of Canadian Universities. Information programs, services and facilities found at universities that are member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. Features searchable database of over 10,000 undergraduate and graduate programs.

Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers
- CAIT is a professional non-profit association which aims at promoting and improving immersion programmes in Canada.

Canadian Mathematical Society
- The CMS aims to promote research in mathematics, to assist in improving the teaching of mathematics in Canadian universities, colleges and schools, and to encourage and assist in the development of mathematics and mathematics education.

Canadian Teachers' Federation

The Learning Centre - An adult education centre where adults can use computers to upgrade their skills.

Continuing Education Provides continuing education services to the community including general interest and computer courses, adult literacy and ESL training as well as St. Nicholas Adult High School.

the NODE - The NODE offers searchable databases of distance education courses offered throughout Ontario, as well as many other resources for technologically-mediated learning, training and teaching.

SEVEC Through exchange programs, SEVEC brings together students from all over Canada who are interested in practising French and in discovering their country.

Special Needs Network Updated site featuring information about this dynamic charitable organization. Special Needs Network (SNN) provides innovative programs and services for persons with developmental disabilities.

The Jamestown Online Adventure Put your students in the situation of landing in the New World and making all the decisions needed to found a colony. This simulation lets them decide where to land, what to do when they get there, and even how many will be required to do hard labor. There are online helpers in the form of the London Company's Instruction and a Native American neighbor. Players will be scored as to how well they fared given the choices made, and will review what actually happended in Jamestown. This activity requires Flash version 5 or higher.

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