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Survival Gear List

This is my suggestion for a survival gear list with some links to websites with examples. I have never actually bought from some of these websites or their products but they make a good example.

Car Emergency Kit

First Aid kit and guide, Blankets, duck tape, Tool kit (with hammer, pliers, wrenches, ratchet & socket set, tape measure, screw driver set), Shovel, spare tire and jack, extra oil, spare hats/mitts, LED flashlight with radio powered by a crank handle, lighter or matches, water, life jacket.

Home Survival Gear List

Identification (copies) - birth certificate, drivers license, passport. social insurance number First Aid kit, a wilderness first aid guide, and wilderness survival guide.

Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide

Thermometers - one to check your body temperature (if you prefer a digital make sure you buy an analog as a backup) and a outdoor/indoor thermometer.

Fire starters - matches, cigarette lighter, manual fire starters (ie. flint).




Watch - both battery and non-battery operated.

Respirator (gas mask) and replacement filters - personally I think you should get a full face gas mask. - Advantage 420 Half Mask designed to filter out ammonia, chlorine, and toxic dust. Cost is about $40.

Water Filters - buy a UV (ultra violetlight) Water Purification System and also buy the tablets as a backup. - CamelBak All Clear UV Water Purification System UV lightbulb zaps waterborne bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Cost is about $130

Water - bottled.

Flashlights - Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight with LED light bulbs, or LED flashlight with radio powered by a crank handle.

Solar powered battery charger with assortment of batteries (make sure you have a solar panel).

Radio - powered by a crank handle.

Swiss Army Knife

Rope - at least 100 feet. Also keep a 3 prong hook handy.

Axe - small, medium, and large or just a large one.

Shovel - spade for digging, flat head for shovelling.

Utensils - Knife, Fork, Spoon or get a multi-knife with all of them.


Can opener (at least 2).

Dishes - to eat off of.

Duck Tape

Tools - hammer, crowbar, prybar, boltcutters, screw drivers (assortment of all types), pliers (assortment of all types), an assortment of nuts, bolts, and nails, assortment of wrenches.

Food - canned meat, fruit, vegetables, pastas (ie Chef Boyardee, Kraft Dinner). Vacuumed packed foodstuffs (MREs - meals ready to eat). Powdered dairy products (milk, cheese). Canned food is the cheapest but takes up more space.

Powdered drink mixes (ie. Kool-aid) (not necessary but nice to have).


Boat (holds 3+ people) - rubber dingy, or a canoe, or someother type of small boat.

Toboggan/sled - for transporting stuff on snow or ice.

Jackets/coats - 4-in-1 coat or a spring/fall coat, summer jacket, and winter parka.

Hats, mittens, and gloves.

Footwear - boots and shoes.


Plastic totes - they float - to keep stuff in. Can use old non-metal coolers because they have latchable lids and they can keep the environment out.

Cooler - for food storage.

Large plastic garbage bags (ie. garbage bags) - for storing stuff in out of the environment or to be used as garbage bags.

Air mattress - for sleeping off of the ground.

Air pump - hand or foot operated for pumping air into an air mattress or for bicycle tires.

Tarp - at least 10' x 10'.

Tent - fits 4 people.

Moisture Wicking Tee Shirt with built in Anti-Microbial and Anti-Stain features.

Light rain coat

Rain coat with a liner

Quick dry pants

Waterproof shoes