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Shaving - Tips, Info, How Tos, and More

Shaving Tips

Shaving Tips

Get An Edge On Razor Manufactures - 8 Tips On How To Save Money On Shaving

How To Clean A Disposable Razor
How To Shave Like Your Grandfather
How To Make Shaving Not Suck<
Introduction to double edge razors and DE shaving
Getting started wetshaving
The Barbershop Shave Prep
Introduction to Traditional Wetshaving - Shaving (this is part 3 of a set of videos on Youtube made by Mantic59 aka Shave Tutor - his vidoes are interesting and amusing).
How to lather shaving soap.
How to make great lather from a soap ~ Tutorial
How To Build And Apply Traditional Shaving Lather
Tutorial: How to make lather from a shaving cream with a bowl
The Ten Minute Traditional Wet Shave
Safety Razor Shaving Tips & Tricks
How To Maintain The Neck For Shaving
Dealing With Ingrown Hairs
How to shave with a safety razor. This is where I learned how to shave with a safety razor.
Shave Tutor videos
Adjustable Safety Razors
This site here has lots of useful info. Shaving 101
Your First Razor. I had the Merkur 23C which is mentioned in this article for beginners.
Here is a site for common sense when spending money on the gear. I find this site as amusing as I find it serious and is a must read. de-shaving-bowls-and-skuttles-just-say-no
This is the blade sampler I bought on ebay.ca. The seller is in Montreal. He also sells on Amazon.ca but his prices there are higher. Wish4Blades - 16 Blade Sampler. Personally I recommend using Polsilver Super Iridium blades and Personna Lab blades (Personna Labs are made in the USA).
How Its Made - Double Edge Razor Blades
Where Razor Blades Are Made - this site also has trouble shooting tips.
How To Shave With GEM Razors

badgerandblade.com Shaving forum/help site. This is one of the main ones.
TheShaveDen another shaving forum/help site.
TheShave Nook another shaving forum/help site.
Shaving Abbreviations/Codes

USA Gillette Date Codes
Mr Razor has pictures and info on most Gillette razors and razor blades.
Double-Edged Safety Razors Ranked by Blade Gap
Gillette Tech Wiki
Injector Razors
Schick Injector Razors
Band Razors (ex. Gillette Techmatic)
Razor cleaning and restoration
Straight Razor Info
How to restore a strop
Honing a Rolls razor
Honing a razor using lapping film
Honing a razor using lapping film videos
Basic guide to honing a razor
Lapping/Cleaning Hones Sharpening Stones
Straight Razor Honing-Refreshing Straight Razors
Straight Razor Honing-Norton 4K/8K Circle Method
Chromium Oxide on Balsa Straight Razor Stropping
How To: Load a Strop with Compound
KnivesPlus Strop Block Tips

Pictures of razor strops and sharpeners

How To Make A DE Razor Handle Out Of A Center Punch Brass Handle
Chromium Oxide on Balsa Straight Razor Stropping

Here is the shaving gear I am using;

Razor - Gillette 1932 Canadian Fat Handle Tech. Buy vintage in order to save money and the environment.
Razor blade - Polsilver Super Iridium. I also use Personna Lab.
Soap - Proraso Menthol & Eucalyptus Shaving Cream-Tube 150ml (green tube).
Shaving mug (wide mouth) - $1.25 at Dollarama (it's a dollar store).
Brush - GoldDachs shaving brush made with badger fur ($20 at MenEssentials). This brush works great.
Alum Stick - RazoRock Alum Stick, 60g - MenEssentials for $5.00. Dollarama supposedly sells an Alum Stick for $2 in the deoderant section.
Styptic Pencil - Store brand Styptic Pencil from Real Canadian Superstore for $2.69.
Shaving stand for the brush and razor - $25 - made in Germany - bought at Personal Edge in Georgian Mall. (You can just buy a cheap brush stand and use a jar for holding the razor that's what I should have done - brush bristles must be facing downward). This is what a cheap and ideal brush stand looks like. I bought mine from MenEssentials.

Other razors I am using are Schick Injector (models E, model G), Valet Auto Strop Razors (models - VC1, VC2, VC4), 1932 Canadian Gillette Tech, Gillette Rubie Plus (Tech knock off but works great), GEM Razors (1912 model, Open Comb Micromatic, Micromatic Bullet Tip), a Russian two bladed 4 edge razor (shaves great), and a Gold Dollar Straight Razor which was made shave ready by a member of Badger & Blade

Shaving Stores

Shop around for the best prices because these days stuff after shipping is sometimes cheaper in the UK and elsewhere especially for Canadians.
B&B member discounts at these vendors

Amazon.ca - This seller (Wish4Blades) has good deals on razor blades and shaving supplies (razors, blades, etc)
MenEssentials - I have bought here. They have a discount here.
Fendrihan - Classic Wet-Shaving, Leather Wallets and Straight Razors. Badger & Blade members can get a discount here.
The Classic Edge Shaving Store
Personal Edge - they don't list all their products on their website and I know this because I saw Proraso shaving cream in their store when I bought my Merkur 23C.
Shaving Style seems to have better prices than some of the stores.
Italian Barber
The Cooper Hat also sells vintage razors.
Mark Of A Gentleman
Malaspina Soap Factory sells natural shaving soaps. I bought my shaving cream here.
Lee Valley sells lapping film for honing.
More Stores and which products they sell. More listed here too.
Check your drugstores because Pharmasave and Shoppers Drug Mart supposedly sell shaving supplies including Proraso shaving cream.
Dollar Shave Club
Dorco Rumor has it that Dorco is the supplier of the blades sold by "Dollar Shave Club" (the link above this one) so why not buy from the source and save more money. Actually for some stuff it is cheaper to buy from the "Dollar Shave Club".
Schick Injector page at Well.ca

Shave Nation - Shaving Supplies. Very good how to videos here (these ones taught me how to shave with a safety razor).
Whipped Dog Straight Razor Sales sells honed, stropped, and ready to shave vintage and new razors. Also sells other razors.
Lee's Safety Razors sells/mades the Mergress razor from Merkur Progress razors.
West Coast Shaving - sells among other shaving stuff a Twist-up-Shaving-Stick-Containers for shaving sticks.
Straight Razor Designs Lynn Abrams Modular Stropping Paddle
Razor Blades And More Co.
Green Mountain Soap sells natural detergent free shaving soap.
Maggard Razors
Dollar Shave Club
Dorco USA Rumor has it that Dorco is the supplier of the blades sold by "Dollar Shave Club" (the link above this one) so why not buy from the source and save more money.

Connaught Shaving (England) - I have bought blades for my Gem razor here. They also have blades for Valet razors and injector blades for Schick Injectors.
The Traditional Shaving Company - I bought my Muhle R41 here for 27.96 GBP ($46.87 CAD).
Shaving.ie (Ireland) - prices seem high but they do sell some blades I haven't seen before (Wilkinson Econo DE Blade).

Badger & Blade Shaving Mall - Buy/Sell/Trade - where Badger & Blade members can sell there unwanted stuff.
Double Edge Shaving Place (Singapore) - has great prices and free shipping to Canada and USA. Badger & Blade members use savings code BB101.
Best Shave.net - has great prices and it seems excellent shipping costs.